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You will need the following:

clay (several colours or one colour and a millefiori art roll)
Leaf-metall, used to obtain a crazed metall look
wooden stick, crochet hook or knitting needle
smooth surface to work on
cake tin
ordinary kitchen oven (no microwave)

Most creativity shops sell basic sets and sets for millefiori art design. These contain modeling material in several colours, modeling slice and varnish. 

To create beads please follow instructions:

Warm all the clay a little in your hands and knead it pliable.
Shape balls of the right size. If you want to use Millefiori, cut off thin disks and cover (some of) the balls with this. Roll these balls between your palms until the disks have become embedded in the balls. Let them cool a bit and then put them on to a wooden stick, crochet hook or knitting needle. Hang this in the cake tin to prevent pressure denting.
Create also tubeform "beads" in one colour. Knead a roll the right size and put it also on a stick.
"Croissant": cut a thin sheet of clay into broad strips. Cut two equilateral triangles out of the strips. Roll the triangles round a wooden stick and press firmly.

Finishing touch
For a crazing technique, roll some of the beads in paper-thin leaf-metall (if you want to obtain a smooth golden / silvery look you must use the leaf-metall on hardened surfaces).
Bending and pressing a roll of clay covered with this leaf-metall will also cause nice irregular cracks in the surface. 
The croissant must be covered with a sheet of leaf-metall before rolled into a croissant. Press the leaf-metall down well with a brayer/roller.

Hardening and varnishing
Finished beads are hardened in the oven at 110 C in a hanging position to prevent pressure denting. Hardening time: about 30 minutes. After hardening it is essential to protect the beads with a coat of varnish.

A new way of making beads: Tri-Bead roller: 

This tool makes round, oval, and bicone beads in 3 easy steps: soften clay then measure using the supplied ring, roll softened clay into a ball and place into one of the channels in the base, place top over base and slide back and forth.


When you have a question or a remark, please let me know.

Have fun!


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