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 Titanic, 96ra


Did you get very interested in working with Fimo and Creall-therm? Do you want more?

This is what I used for my "frutsel" Titanic:

 aluminium foil
lid of a jar (vegetables)
modeling slices
Extrusion Gun or a garlic press
smooth tile
kitchen oven (no microwave)

Knead dough until smooth and pliable, otherwise it's hard to handle.
You can intermix Fimo and Creall-therm.
Put your workpiece on the tile, covered in aluminium foil.

Cover the lid in aluminium foil. Now you look inside the lid. Choose a nice colour for the life-buoy. Put right in the center a little bit of blue clay (round), so that the water is visible.

On the bottom you can also put a bigger bit of blue clay, the life-buoy is floating on the sea.

Use for the body, as mentioned in the beginners page, a ball of clay. The head will be smaller. Use for the coat another colour, the sleeves too. The legs are the same colour as the body. There are no feet, but shoes. Use another colour for those.

detail, 92radetail, 91ra

After this you will need 5 smaller balls of clay (in the colour of the body) for the ears, tail and the hands. She will need a hat, decorate it you like.

Put a ball between your thumb and your index finger and make it a bit pointed. With your modeling slicer or the peeling-knife you can make a mouth. Put a very small ball of black clay on the tip (the nose). Use very small balls of clay for her eyes. The ears are made of two small balls of body colour, put the flat end of your modeling slice on one end, see picture. The incisors are made of a little bit of white clay. Put it inside the mouth and attach it firmly.

Make a thin rectangular slice for her coat. Put it carefully around her body, fasten it on both sides and fold/crease it around her with the back of your peeling-knife. Put her sleeves on to the coat, at the top and check if the arms are not too long.

Make another coat or cape around this in the same way. Now you can attach her tail to the body.

Make her legs of two even sized rolls of clay (body colour). One of the ends must be a little bit pointed to fit into the shoes.
Make two nice shoes of a different colour by kneading two balls slightly around you knife. At the end of each shoe you can put a hole for the legs to fit in.

detail, 93radetail, 94ra

On top of the cape you can put her head. Fasten it well, do not push too hard otherwise you will deform the head. Put on the legs and lay the mouse into the life-buoy. Now that the head is attached to the body you can give her her ears. Use the Extrusion Gun or a garlic press to give her some hair.

Make the hands of two small balls of clay in the colour of the body. One end pointed again. Make two holes in the sleeves and put the hands in. With your peeling-knife you can carve the fingers. Finish the sleeves with a border.

My mouse has a little hat with flowers on it. Use your imagination to create one yourself.

Finishing touch
I have put on the life-buoy the characters "t i t a n", as if the rest of the name of the ship was damaged.

For more pictures of mice, click here.

Please leave your remarks, ideas or otherwise on my remarks page?! Thanks.

Have fun!




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