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What can you find on this site?

General information on how this hobby started
Information about
polymer clay, Fimo and Creall-therm
Information on the tools of the trade
Materials used
Basics; elementary technics for working the clay
Courses for everyone
Remarks and banner page
How this site was made
Links; here you can find more information on i.e. other creative people and manufacturers
Entries; it's now easier to find your way.

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This site is also about my experiences with polymer clay. It has become an informative site about arts and crafts with lots of pictures. Have fun!

Do you think your connection is too slow please go to fimo-frutsels.
That earlier version is quicker to view using an ordinary telephone line.


What has changed ?firebrigade mouse, 19ra
the sitemap now has a picture of "somebody else' work"
a new way to make beads (under: Do it yourself).
and ... I made some other websites:
* Fimo-dreams is about modeling with Fimo together with polystyrene foam forms
* Look for more at my own domain: www.hobbysite.info

You are now at: http://www.fimo-frutsels.hobbysite.info


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