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Tortoise, made with millefiori


Before you start, knead dough until smooth and pliable, otherwise it's hard to handle. Fimo-Classic is not easy to use without MixQuick. With Fimo-soft it is easier to create your fantasies.

There are so many colours to chose from (42). But of course you can easily compose your favorite colour by blending two or three colours into one.
I often use the colours white or yellow to compose pastel shades.

Polymer clay

Several kinds of this clay exist; Fimo and Creall-therm are the most used ones for ordinary kitchen ovens. Both can be obtained in many colours and intermixed. More information about polymer clay, see navigation button below.

Clay canes (millefiori; i.e. round flower canes (see: Beads)
Classic (24 colours)
Soft (24 standard, 6 dayglow, 6 stone effect, 6 translucent and 6 metallic colours)
Fimo for dolls / Puppen Fimo
Liquid Fimo Decorating Gel (New)

Translucent Polymer Clay
can be baked right onto glass, armatures, mirrors, and more  and the light shines softly through. You could make a votive candle holder that glows or a suncatcher for your window, or even a unique lampshade accent.

is a neutral coloured clay and a very good kneading medium for restoring stiff, crumbly, clay (Classic too) back to a reusable condition; it will not alter the color of your polymer clay, if used in proper proportions (approx. one part MixQuick to 5 parts Fimo Classic). Excellent for children.

Fimo for dolls / Puppen Fimo
This clay is specially designed for modeling dolls. Puppen (Doll) Fimo hardens in the oven like Fimo Classic, but is softer which makes it easier to shape heads, arms and legs. After hardening and cooling, you can smooth the surface with fine sandpaper and then paint, varnish or add accessories to complete your doll. Puppen Fimo is available in two popular colors.

Liquid Fimo Decorating Gel
Have read about it, a liquid polymer gel. It's an excellent adhesion medium for connecting unbaked or baked polymer clay. You can also paint with it or use it to transfer images from photographs, newspapers and magazines. Liquid Fimo hardens in any home oven at 110C in 15-20 minutes.
Has anybody used this stuff already? Please inform me.
I received information from Germany, have a look at this creation.... It's in the bathtub.

My three cats:
the naughty one, the angler and the guardian angel

Creall-therm junior (6 colours)
Creall-therm Professional (28l colours)
Creall-form (6 colours)

Junior is easy to use for children, but adults use it too. It stays soft and easy to handle. Harden this at the same temperatures as Fimo.
Professional is a special kind of clay for professionals and people like me. Like Junior this clay can be hardened in any home oven.
Creall-form is the clay for the small ones. It does not dry quickly and is very easy to handle. Not for oven use.

If you knead together two or three colours you get beautiful shaded colours (marbly), mix it further and a new colour emerges. Take care, do not use too much black. It affects the result tremendously. Fimo and Creall-therm can be intermixed.

Columbus, 7ra

Baking, varnishing and glueing
The clay has to be in the oven for about 30 minutes, temperature 110C. It is very important to let the workpiece cool off. It reaches maximum hardness when completely cool. It is not necessary but you can varnish your creation. The upside is that it will gather less dust, the downside is that if it is broken or damaged you have to repare it with superglue. If it is not varnished you can always repare it with clay or liquid Fimo and bake it again. Same time, same temperature.
Glueing: use a two-component adhesive to glue Fimo to metal.

dinosaurus en babies, 219ra
Dinosaur and babies


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