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Eberhard Faber (makers of Fimo)

If FIMO is exposed to temperatures of more than 392 degrees F (= > 200 degrees C) hydrochloride gas can be developed. This gas is detectable by one's nose in very small amounts as even very small amounts cause an extremely stinging smell.

However, FIMO is intended to be baked in ordinary kitchen ovens at 110 degrees C. At that temperature no "fumes" are developed. The smell which is noticeable during regular baking at the temperatures indicated is the genuine FIMO aroma and is absolutely harmless.

We also want to point out that:
FIMO is tested by the Art and Craft Materials Institute in Boston
FIMO is authorized to carry the AP-Seal "Non-toxic"
no Health Labeling is required for FIMO
FIMO conforms to ASTM D-4236

For more information on this topic please click on this site: www.glassattic.com/polymer/safety_health_cleaning.htm



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